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Is the Instagram Shadowban Real?

Is T-Series going to beat PewDiePie? Probably. But we're not 100% sure.

What we do know is, Instagram keeps stopping certain users, or hashtags in particular, from getting the expected amounts of exposure.
Instagram questions the shadowban's existance, publicly claiming that the shadow ban is a glitch. But many Insta influencers have noticed key statistical differences in their engagement since the algorithm's implementation.

Do other Instagram Shadowban Checkers exist?

They used to. But sadly, their developers didn't maintain the software and the testers no longer work. Instagram Shadowban Tester is now the only shadowban tester remaining functional.

  1. Instagram Shadowban Test - Triberr
  2. Instagram Shadowban Tester (v6.8)

How to manually check if you've been Shadow-banned

Fewer Hashtags = More Likes?

If you notice increased likes, followers, and engagement on posts with fewer hashtags, the Instagram Algorithm is likely hiding your content.

Checking with Stories

  1. For this, you'll need to know how to do a poll on an Instagram story.
  2. Ask one of the following Instagram poll questions in a story post:
    • > "Quick poll. Did you see X post today?"
      - YES | NO
    • > "Do you feel like you've been seeing fewer posts from me lately?" (if you post consistently)
      - YES | NO
    The higher percentage of YES answers, the more likely it is that you are shadowbanned.
"So, I'm Shadowbanned.
What next?"

How to remove the Shadowban

Shadowban Tester Pro offers a suite of tools to help remove the effects of a shadowban, but it's not an end-all. Here are some manual tips on what to do if you're shadowbanned.

1. Delete Instagram.
You don't have to delete your account altogether. Just delete the app and give it a week. You owe NOTHING to the dozens/hundreds/thousands of strangers who gawk at pictures that don't actually resemble your life. Stop trying embarrasingly hard to prove to them that you're cool.Take Back Your Social Life.
Take Back Your Privacy.
Take Back Your Attention.
Take Back Your Time.

2. Stop using 290340984309284 hashtags.
If, for a moment, we could put aside the fact that the Instagram Algorithm is a literal brainwashing machine designed to parasitically infiltrate every ounce of your attention and social interaction...
We could note that the Algorithm actually does a pretty good job at choosing things that people find interesting. Instagram seems to be drifting away from the hashtag model, and instead automating the functionality that hashtags have previously provided.
Instead of using hashtags, just try posting interesting stuff and add contextual information in the captions.
3. Stop spamming people.
I know you commented "NICE PIC! πŸ”₯" on 47 people's photos just because you're an altruistic person, and not because you're narcissistically addicted to the optimization of meaningless statistics on your profile page.
...but Instagram doesn't care for it too much. Engage in genuine human interaction.
4. See 1.
5. See 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shadowban meaning

What is an Instagram shadow ban?

The term "Shadowban" on Instagram essentially refers to the experience of Instagram's Algorithm treating your posts worse than would be expected with a natural, chronological timeline.

How do I avoid being shadow banned?

Use Instagram in moderation. Don't over-like, over-follow, or over-hashtag.

Shadowban or Shadow ban?

Whichever you prefer.

Is this shadowban checker accurate?

We firmly believe that this is the most accurate shadow ban tester on the market.

instagramshadowbantester.com is built with state of the art technologies. Our proprietary algorithm surpasses all others.

That said, the Instagram algorithm is a cobweb web of machine learning software. No one fully understands it, but we're doing our best. :)